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Fernco IC100P Icon Pushfit Coupling 100mm Black



Fernco IC100P Icon Pushfit Coupling 100mm Black

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The Fernco Icon Pushfit Coupling 100mm (Dia) Black is a unique coupling for 4-inch pipes with internal diameters between 99-103mm. The Fernco Icon Pushfit simply pushes into the problem pipe and grips to the internal surface whilst the opposite end does the same to the connecting pipe and thus creating a reliable and watertight seal. The icon features a pipe stop so that it is inserted into each pipe evenly, a rubber sleeve for a watertight seal and a tapered edge to the seal for a smoother transition within the pipe. Installation is as simple as pushing it into the first pipe and then pushing the second pipe onto the coupling. The pipes conform to shear load performance requirements of EN295.
Features & benefits
  • Easily removed and re-used
  • Pushfit connection so no tools required
  • Can be installed in 30 seconds or less
  • Watertight connection on any pipe material
  • Connects pipes of different materials with inside bore between 99-103mm

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