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REMS Mini-Press Crimping Machine 4-Piece Pack



REMS Mini-Press Crimping Machine

Comes With Set Of 4 REMS Crimping Tongs (16, 20, 26 & 32)

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  • REMS Mini-Press Crimping Machine
  • Electric Tool With Automatic Circuit Control For Producing Pipe Pressing Joints For All Common Pressfitting Systems
  • Battery Or Corded Operation
  • Pipe Pressing Joints 10mm - 40 mm, 3/8" – 1 1/4"
  • REMS Mini-Press ACC Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Automatic Circuit Control; Secure Crimping In Seconds
  • Automatic Locking Of The Pressing Tongs
  • High Compression Pressing Tongs In Forged & Specially Hardened Steel; Pressing Contours Of REMS Pressing Tongs Are System Specific & Correspond To The Respective Pressfitting System
  • Compact Design & Low Weight Due To Special Arrangement Of The Pressing Tongs Connection
  • Drive Unit With Battery Only 2.4kg, Drive Unit With Pressing Tongs Attached Under 34cm In Length
  • Ergonomically Designed Housing
  • Integrated LED Work Light
  • Swivelling Pressing Tongs Seat. Secure Seating Of Pressing Tongs By
    Automatic Locking
  • Powerful Electro-Hydraulic Drive With Powerful Battery Motor; 14.4 V, 420 W Output,
    Robust Planetary Gear, Eccentric Reciprocating Pump & Compact High Power Hydraulic System
  • Lithium-Ion PLUS Technology, Highly Resistant Li-Ion 14.4 V Battery With 1.6Ah
    Capacity For Long Service Life (Approximately 330 Pressings)
  • Temperature Monitoring During Charging process, Operating Temperature Range –10 To +60 °C#
  • No Memory Effect For Max Battery Power
  • Rapid Charger For short Charge Times

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