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Tesla Wifi 27" Incoloy Immersion Heater & T-Smart



27" Incoloy Immersion Heater & T-Smart

Code                  Description                                 Boss                 Length                           kW

TIHTS650 Incoloy Immersion Heater & T-Smart        2-1/4"            27"                                3kW

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The T-Smart mobile phone app works in conjunction with your busy lifestyle and allows control of hot water when you need it most.
Being able to control the thermostat remotely means you can turn off the immersion when it’s not needed, safely securing the water heater in frost protection mode whilst conserving energy and saving you money on running costs.

The built-in anti legionella function gives additional piece of mind that the system will be continuously protected from bacteria growth, carrying out the antibacterial cycle at least once every 15 days.

Vertical fitting only

Size 14"

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